FROM: Norbert Kroczoski - Germany


beautiful documentation for the Friede den Hütten, to commemorate the 200 anniversary of
Georg Büchner, German dramatist and a social revolutionary, remembered as one of the most
significant literature figure of his time.
unfortunately for reasons i still ignore i appear in the documentation only with the envelope
and not with the original work i prepared for the project! sad. i hope my email gets a reply.


Anonymous said...

Me, too!

TICTAC said...

very peculiar selection criteria..i wonder.
and the fact that we both are in the same boat doesn't help any of only makes it double sad.

that envelope was not even my best one, i thought the content was more important. i wonder what would have happened if i had sent it plain.

i found your email address in iuoma, where i'm too, after seeing your pic on the back of the book..thank you Norbert for your reply.