FROM:  Sally Wurlitzer - USA

Stunning rubberstamp and very creative mixed media piece for the Zine in a Box project!
love the guy watching my address on the envelope, too.
Thank you very much Sally, love your work!



FROM: Niko Courtelis - USA

generous mail from Niko, a brilliant set of pin hole perforated stamps as a contribution to the sPMATSzine project. and a book, a small sampler of it I shown above, with his remarkable stamp works, he calls Philatelic Atrocities, old stamps cut and shockingly put together to ignite our imagination, as well mentioned in the preface. and a last treat, a awesome original work!
Thank you very much Niko!


FROM: Jac Balmer - UK

impeccably done, stunning prints and colours...a treat! for the collaborative book group on Asemic writing.
Many thanks Jac!


FROM: De Villo Sloan - USA

very nice surprise to receive a copy of the cool Xerolage 71, presenting for the Neo-Concrete Series (2), De Villo Sloan's neo-concrete visual poetry and experimental writings.
great issue with fab works. beautiful stamp on the envelope, too.
Thank you very much De Villo!


FROM: Picasso Gaglione - USA

another FAB issue!! 
Stampzine, nr.19, edited by Picasso/Domel is a stamp art museum of its own.
with great works and many international artists participating. every edition opens
with an interesting introduction article by Picasso,  this time it is about
the first rubber-stamp anthology called Stamp Activity produced in 1972
by J.H.Kocman, a Czech artist. 
Thank you very much Picasso!

FROM: Samuel Montalvetti - Argentina

 very generous sending from Samuel, many add+pass, cool stamps and a beautiful set of hand printed
perforated stamp sheets for the SPMATSzine project.
Thank you very much Samuel!


TO: Fernando Garcia Delgado, Archivo Vortice - Argentina



 great collection of works..a bubble fish made with plastic pills container, postcard, 
nice stamps on the envelope and a fab DADA book, of which I show a small selection of works.
Thank you very much Walter!

FROM: Catherine McCue - Australia

beautifully made book for the Asemic Writing collaborative group. Inspired by the love of nature, Catherine produced a series of fictions field notes that were invented and had no logical sense. These notes were a starting point for this book.
Many thanks Catherine!

FROM: Jean-Marc Rastorfer - Switzerland

another very generous sending of beautiful stamps. and an envelope from Dam Batai
containing special edition stamps. Marc is an activist who used artistamps to bring attention to the plight of the Karenni people under the repressive government of Myanmar (ex Burma).
Thank you very much Marc!