FROM: Giancarlo Da Lio - Italy

AperiodiKa 4

Happy to received this edition of AperiodiKa nr.4, an assembly magazine curated by Tiziana Baracchi and Giancarlo Da Lio, sad to know that Tiziana is not with us anymore but grateful that her project keeps on.
this edition, like the previous ones, contains original works from international artists with commentaries by Giancarlo. it was presented for the exhibit of Tiziana's works in June at the Museum Fluxus in Postsdam in Germany.
Thank you very much Giancarlo!

TO: Chuck Welch - USA

a Bubble Stamp

FROM: David Stafford - USA

WoWnderful collage postcard and art that is also always full of amusing details and this time...uncovering the apparently puzzling question on the identity of a woman who calls herself TicTac...yes, she dresses like a gondolier and wears a helmet haid-do but I assure you that she sings too much out of tune to be one...please keep me on the loop as you receive more info!
Thank you very much David!

FROM: Serse Luigetti - Italy

awesome visual poetry from Serse with his distinctive inimitable style...fab Apocrypha booklet..together with a health  warning on the envelope about reading, similar to the ones on the cigarette packs...yesss, vispo is very addictive!! :-)
Thank you very much Serse!

FROM:  Arte ALa Carte - USA

 add and pass

very pleasant surprise in the mail box..Arte ALa Carte, indeed, in a striking envelope full of great mailart material, add and&pass, fluxus buck, and Nancy Reagan chasing horses :-) in addition to a nice letter.
Many thanks Arte ALa Carte!!


FROM: Alexander Limarev - Russia

beautiful perforated stamps made by Alexander, for an artistamps exchange project he invited me to
for a future exhibit.
Thank you very much Alexander!


FROM: Eberhard Janke, Edition Janus - Germany

the always cool documentation from Edition Janus, this time the Call & Response magazine
includes various topics and recent mail art calls, inter alia, the postcard alteration I participated to. 
the Portable Gallery of this issue is dedicated to the memory of Norbert Koczorsky and Hans Hess.
Many thanks Eberhard!


TO: Franticham - Ireland

 to Fluxus Assembly Box, Fur Stamps..fake


FROM: Francesco Cornello - Italy

beautiful painted postcard...The Color Selects The Receiver! and fully decorated on the back.
Many thanks Francesco!!

TO: Rosa Gravino - Argentina 

as I don't know the destiny of the first one after 3 months, this is my second envelope for: