FROM: Cascadia Artpost - USA

fabulous set of Fluxus Bucks for the Zine in a Box project, commemorating
our late mail artist friend Tiziana Baracchi. an equally fab envelope with various
portrait artistamps, including some depicting mine, from a previous Cascadia project.
...and talking about global warming...a report of the apocalyptic snowfall in
Cascadia this winter. impressive pictures.
Thank you very much Jack!

TO:  Claire Dinsmore (aka Cleo) - USA


FROM: Klaus Groh - Germany

a cool work from a mixed media collage and rubberstamps for the Zine in a Box project.
a shout SOS Earth...we are losing to Global Warming if we don't take action, after the weird winters 
and unusual summers we are witnessing.
Many thanks Klaus!


FROM: Cinzia Farina - Italy

Asemic Writing, Collaborative Artists Book.

Zine in a Box participation

awesome set of works for the Collaborative Artists' Book project curated by Cheryl Penn and the Zine in a Box project. asemics and collage making poetry in Cinzia's distinctive style. 
Thank you very much, Cinzia!

TO: Walter Pennacchi - Italy


FROM: Zdenek Sima - Czech Republic

Breakthrough's issue 32 is out and with a great number of participants and interesting works, 
in addition Zdenek generously sent some extras and various mail art calls invitations.
ManyThanks Zdenek!

FROM:  Emanuele Gabellini - Italy

from the IPB (Istituto Patastronomico Braccianese) a cool project on Mad Mail Art Dreams!
if interested please download the image and follow instructions, they are also in English.
Many thanks Emanuele...long time no see! and happy too...


FROM: Torill E. Larsen - Norway

a set of nice collages made with portrait prints, Torill wrote that they were made years ago and she is saying goodbye to them this way...for the Zine in a Box project!cool!
Many thanks Torill!

TO:  David Dellafiora - Australia

for Kart

FROM: Katerina Nikoltsou - Greece

beautiful collage postcard with stickers, stamps and rubber-stamps on the envelope...
Many thanks Katerina!!


FROM:  Ryosuke Cohen - Japan


BC nr.1039 has arrived full of colour and fab contributors. completed as usual of the Orion Soup, bulletin board and the list of participants. even though I am not amongst them, this time, I really  enjoyed receiving it and appreciate Ryosuke's generosity for sending one to me.
Thank you very much Ryosuke!


TO:  Vittore Baroni - Italy



TO:  FinnBadger - USA


FROM:  Connie Jean - USA

generous mailing with plenty of ephemera to work with, and beautiful USA postal stamps and rubbertamps and a 'mandible' postcard.
Many thanks Connie Jean!


TO: Katerina Nikoltsou - Greece


FROM:  David Stone - USA

Blackbird, an A4 zine by David Stone, a collection of poems, visual poetry, texts from various 
international artists, photocopied in B&W. awesome edition 13.
here it is just a sampler of some of the many contributors included.
Many thanks David!