FROM:  Cascadia Artpost - USA

DADA TRUMPH MOTORS, grand opening...scheduled for November is just happening.
this is an absolutely fabulous diorama project of Cascadia Artpost. As the documentation, part of which I am showing above, describes:
the project drew inspiration from Vostell's artistic method of 'de-coll/age' as Vostell 
used this method to put television, radical political changes, traffic accidents, chaos, and destruction at the centre stage of his art. They are a menace to human life and continue to give rise to indignation.
the Cascadia Diorama is a representation of a small city in miniature scale with miniature residents called 'peeps' and reflects on political, social and economic themes. it is an ongoing project started in 2014.
this booklet is a guide to Dada Trumph Motors as a unique automotive campus experience and commentary on the contemporary culture of a hyper-individualistic society.
starting with a colossal statue of the leader towering on a street corner...
and beautiful artistamps on the envelope, too.
Superb project and beautifully done documentation that includes two admission tickets with a portion to return for a postal free souvenir from DTM.
Thank you very much Jack!!



love this generous mailing from DADANAUTIK, full dada spirit and sense of humour
in its portray of reality, like the priceless Chanel add on the back of the envelope!...
in addition to the beautiful stamps set sent for the sPMATSzine
Thank you very much DADANAUTIK!!


FROM:  Picasso Gaglione - USA

awesome edition 13 of Picasso's brilliant Stampzine, an all femail art with great contributions from international artists!
Many thanks Picasso!

FROM:  Antonio Gomez - Spain

it is always a pleasure to receive the brilliant visual poetry that Antonio creates for the Zine in a Box project!
Many thanks Antonio also for your kind words!

FROM:  R.F. Côté - Canada

the October edition of Circulaire 132 is out and awesome. always full of interesting news, mailer calla and great art works!
Many thanks Reg!


FROM:  Ko De Jonge - Netherlands

a nice postcard of works of art-fragments that become very interesting pieces...double art!
Many thanks Ko!

FROM: C. Mehr Bennett - USA

-asemic autumn kimono-

very generous sending.....
fab rubber-stamp carvings, beautiful artistamps, poetry in collaboration with John Bennett, asemic work...lots of interesting works to detail and enjoy!
Thank you very much Catherine!