FROM:  David Dellafiora, Australia

KART 127

another beautiful copy of Kart, in its 127th edition. many interesting works from international artists. together with a set of perforated commemorative stamps for the 30 Anniversary of Field Study, curated by David.

Thank you very much, David!


FROM: William Mellot, Taiwan

The Rubber Postcard, 30

very happy to have participated and also for the first time to William's brilliant The Rubber Postcard zine, in this edition dedicated to numbers with plenty of great rubberstamps works from international artists.

Many thanks, William!


FROM: Christian Alle, France

Nada-Zero, 147

excellent edition of Nada-Zero with many great work and various mail art calls. I am very happy to be part again of this project!

Many thanks Christian!


FROM: Amanda Lynch, UK

interesting envelope content. a very cool set of artistamps for the sPMATSzine, and more cool cards. in addition to a photo depicting Amanda's sculture and its meaning.

Thank you very much, Amanda!


FROM: Adam Roussopoulos, USA

brilliant concept and stampsheet, perforated and cut out.....just fab!!

Many thanks Adam!


FROM:  Reina Huges, Netherlands

lovely post from Reina, cool collage card and a beautifully decorated envelope to cheer up this rainy day.

Many thanks, Reina!


FROM: Andrea Familiar, France

an awesome set of typography/printing works for the Zine in a Box project with a little beautiful present Andrea made for me during her recent stay at the Musée Atelier de l'Imprimerie de Nantes where she furthered her investigative work on printing processes. I am honored and delighted to receive this gorgeous piece of art! 

Thank you so very much, Andrea!


FROM: Jürgen Olbrich, Germany

great envelope full of stamps and interesting material from the paper police, with a set of two perforated artistamps from a collaboration between Jürgen and Peti Wiskemann.

Many thanks, Jürgen!!


FROM: David Stafford, USA

a fab collage about a busy Mildred's refuge and a quite active silent movie as a bonus...putting a smile on my face.

Thank you very much, David!


FROM: Cascadia Artpost, USA

a cool postcard of the Cascadian Landscapes series with various artistamps.

Many thanks, Jack!


FROM: Bruno Sourdin, France

such a cool book of beautiful texts, illustrations and collages. interesting to note the typographic structure of the book. composed of two different books in one, the first book is upright and the second is upsidedown. you can start any of the two from any side you wish. in addition to the beautiful collage and post card in the decorated envelope.

Thank you so much, Bruno!


FROM: David Stafford, USA

it is always a pleasure to receive these beautiful vintage collages David creates with his distinctive sense of humour! 

Many thanks, David!


FROM: Helmut King, Austria

generous envelope from Helmut...with the beautiful exhibit guide for the Zappanale 2023 (a Fran Zappa music festival held every year in Germany) featuring various articles and also Helmut's Cigarette People works exhibited for the occasion. additionally two fab signed postcards were included.

!!Thank you very much, Helmut!!


FROM: Adam Roussopoulos, USA

the amazing The Artistamp Revue is here in its edition 31. above a small sampler of the many cool stamps in it contained.

Many thanks, Adam!