FROM: Tiziana Baracchi - Italy


Just received from Tiziana the beautiful documentation from the Museo Minimo's exhibit of Visual Poetry, with interesting articles and works, an edition curated by Tiziana(Baracchi), Giancarlo Da Lio and
Roberto Sanchez. And cover by Claudio Romeo.
I also enjoyed the extras too.
Many thanks Tiziana!
Tiziana's link:


Cheryl Penn said...

GREAT documentation of this publication - we all know how much work these publications are - BUT, for those of us that are lucky enough to receive them - MANY thanks to Tiziana, Giancarlo and Roberto - GREAT publication which I am very pleased to be part of.

TICTAC said...

yes indeed, great documentations like this one involve a lot of work and effort...we're certainly lucky to be part of such good projects!