FROM: Ginny Lloyd - USA

A fantastic stamp sheet commemorating Women in the Artistamp Spotlight.
the book is beautiful and has just come out:
so great to be in it!
Many thanks Ginny, also love the detail of the stamp on the envelope.
Ginny's Stamp Museum link:


Heleen said...

Thank you for sharing this mail and info!

I bought Ginny Lloyd's 'Photobooth Performances' some time ago at Lulu, and it's great! (although my most favourite mail artist in this book still succeeded to remain 'invisible' in her [photobooth] pictures..)

So I'm looking forward to buy&see the 'Women in the Artistamp Spotlight' book (and so to see, to see some more tip of the iceberg shown :-)

TICTAC said...

hi Heleen..
it's a case of invisibility's visibility! ;-)
thank you for the comment! i'm sure you'll enjoy the book, there are lots of wonderful stamps.
and half of my face too.