RECEIVED FROM: Cheryl Penn - South Africa

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Cheryl sent me another awesome work with her own distintive style and personal vispo concept!
Worth spending time looking at all the details and different readings it offers. Including the marvelous
stamps from South Africa on the envelope!!
Thank you very much Cheryl!
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Cheryl Penn said...

EEEK! I spelt GOTIJ wrong!!! I wonder how many times I've done that now??? Book would have gone through a wormhole to arrive at you today :-)) HUGELY hot - Berg Wind - the heat comes from the dry areas upcountry getting hotter as it reaches the coast. Everything is wilting - including me!!! Thanks for posting :-) XXX

TICTAC said...

Oh, i thought it was due to a healthy rebellion...words have their own say. ;-)
Berg Wind...we had the Foehn (similar or the same) here too, lots of headaches blooming like this fake feeling of spring in the middle of winter...
i always like
your work!