SENT TO: David Stafford - USA

bed time stories, mini book 3/5





David Stafford said...

I was wondering how I was going to scan that mini book of yours and then I came here and found you've already done it. Thank you so much for that big package of goodies, especially the mini book which we read last night before nodding off. I stayed away till 2:30 wondering how I could repay in kind. I'm sure I came up with something marvelous that my stingy muse has dragged back to her lair. For the moment just pretend that you've already gotten something that touched you in a special way but you just can't remember what it was.

TICTAC said...

sorry to hear that your Muse run away in the middle of the booklet insomnia with your ideas...not good. i don't trust Muses...i prefer moodling, a combination of musing and mental doodling, that can lead to floating over any number of obstacles... as somebody once said.