RECEIVED FROM: Wilma Duguay - Canada

Raymond FURLOTTE exhibit
Voyage in the Imaginary
Restigouche gallery
Campbellton, New Brunswick
September 2 to October 2 2010
Other photos available upon request furlotte@vif.com

Photos by Michel Roussy

Eel River Crossing seen from elsewhere

These two hundred and twenty five postcards were created by correspondents from twenty eight countries covering the five continents. They were received in answer to a mail art call launched by Raymond Furlotte since one and a half years. The correspondents received each a photo representing Eel River Crossing, the native village of Furlotte. Some used the photo received, whereas others searched to find diverse information to represent their vision of the village. The results are at the least surprising! It is amazing to see Eel River Crossing with palm trees, flying saucers, ghosts and marine monsters.

These postcards come from the following countries:

Australia-Austria-Belarus-Belgium-Brazil-Burkina Faso-Canada-Chile-Denmark-England
France-Germany-Greece-Italy-Mexico-Netherlands-North Korea-Peru-Poland-Portugal
Russia-Serbia-Spain-Sweden-Switzerland-Thailand-United States-Uruguay

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Left to right: Ethel Bradbury, Raymond Furlotte, Wilma Duguay, Freda Huntington.

Raymond Furlotte and Wilma Duguay


Wilma Duguay said...

Hola Patrizia,
Muchas gracias!!! Thank you very, very much for posting the pictures and mailart of Raymond's exhibition. He received beautiful mailart and his acrlyics were awesome!!!! I wish you could have attended.

TICTAC said...

My pleasure Wilma! Great collection of mailart indeed, and beautiful work from Raymond.