SENT TO: A&P Int'l - USA

need for peace



De Villo Sloan said...

Who is this Tick Tock? An undiscovered genius! But seriously, hello from your IUOMA friend. Thank you for everything. I enjoy your work so much and being able to see friends and artists not yet known to me on your blog. You must!? You will send me something so I can have your art!? Please... See you at IUOMA. Peace. - De Villo

TICTAC said...

My ego thanks you...:-))
This is another anonimous graffiti I found in Munich...I just drew the peace signs I like so much..for meaning and also aesthetics. I am preparing something for you too I really enjoyed the envelope full of goodies you sent me!
see you in mailart!
cheers my IUOMA friend!