FROM: Chuck Welch, CrackerJack Kid, USA

a generous exciting envelope of goodies! great stamps "orange messiah",  news from an article by Hans Braumuller featured in the german cultural newspaper Tageszeitung about Chuck's essay "Mail Art in Ciberspace" including a bound edition. lots of interesting readings as mail art in cyberspace has been discussed in the history of mail art as Chuck Welch is an prominent activist and mail artist creator of the Electronic Museum of Mail Art, a virtual reality museum, amongst other related cyber activities. above there is more information about the bound edition.

Thank you very much Chuck!


FROM: Antonella Prota-Giurleo, Italy

wow..fascinated with the foldings and the beautifully made book Rossoro...a real treat of original collages full of visual poetry.

Thank you so much Antonella!


FROM:  Henry Denander, Sweden

a fantastic collage folding into a postcard and a fab perforated artistamp of  watercolour portraits of 'no jazz musicians' Henry created for his friend Ed Higgins.....beautiful, thank you very much Henry!


FROM: Adam Roussopoulos, USA

a fabulous edition of Adam's The Artistamp Revue, this time featuring the Amazon Preservation in a co-joint collaboration with the artist Ruggero Maggi, a long time activist and with an Amazon archive reckoning the participation of hundreds of artists from various countries and counting numerous international exhibits worldwide. I am very happy to be part of this important vital message.

Many thanks, Adam!


FROM: Pier Roberto Bassi, Italy

an envelope of great post...a fab booklet and cool original artistamps of a long time performance of haircuts over ten years time! 
Thank you very much, Pier Roberto!


FROM: David Stone, USA

it is a pleasure to be able to read more pages of David's poetry collection in the ever flowing The Citadel ...always original and inspiring.

Thank you very much David !!


FROM: Reina Huges, Netherlands

beautiful happy holidays greetings with a fab miniature horse created by Reina....

Thank you very much, Reina!


FROM: Lancillotto Bellini, Italy

beautiful set of prints from Lancillotto's rubberstamp carvings for the Zine in a Box project!

Thank you very much, Lancillotto!


FROM: David Stafford, USA

David's witty sense of humour always brings a big smile...this time the string did not work and there is a '' to help solve the problem....happy holidays too, thank you very much David!


FROM: Remy Penard, France

always nice to receive an original collage postcard from you, Remy, thank you very much!!


FROM: Adam Roussopoulos, USA

two envelopes in returned by the post for no apparent reason. so thankful to receive it back inside another one with brilliant perforated stamps!

Thank you very much, Adam!


FROM: Alfonso Aguado Ortuño, Spain

another brilliant project i am excited to have been part of, curated by Alfonso,  Fotopoema is about photography related to trash containers as visual poetry, a sort of representation of the the type of world we're going to be facing if change doesn't come.

Many thanks, Alfonso!


FROM: Cinzia Farina, Italy

absolutely gorgeous set titled "White Note" for the Zine in a Box! a mixed media collage of pure visual poetry.

Many thanks, Cinzia!


FROM: Vittore Baroni, Italy

super envelope with cool stamps and great works!

Thank you very much, Vittore!