ZINE IN A BOX, Made in MAILART, edition 3

zineinabox,3.1 photo smallzineinaboxnr31_zpscf120daf.jpg

zineinabox,3.2 photo smallzineinaboxnr32_zps68865dc3.jpg

zineinabox,3.3 photo smallzineinaboxnr33_zpsca9b5f88.jpg

Jürgen O. Olbricht -Germany
Svenja Wahl -Germany
David Dellafiora -Australia
Emilio Morandi -Italy
Claudio Romeo - Italy
John Bennett - USA
Tiziana Baracchi -Italy
Cheryl Penn -South Africa
Renato Schlaunich -Italy
Vittore Baroni - Italy
Simon Warren -UK
Pier Roberto Bassi -Italy
Angela Behrendt -Germany
Mabi Col -Italy
Heinz W. Lotz - Germany
Aristide 3108 -France
Gianni Noli -Italy
Adriana Antonielli -Italy
Lancillotto Bellini -Italy
Roberto Keppler - Brasil
Giovanni e Renata Strada -Italy
Rosa Gravino -Argentina
Ptrzia(TICTAC) -Germany

our third edition is ready to travel, thank you very much to all for the wonderful contributions.


An.U.mailart said...

Hello, I'm Anete Ulmane from Latvia.
In which edition will be mine contribution? :)

TICTAC said...

dear Anete, contributions are included in their order of arrival, your beautiful work is among the first ones for edition4.
thank you for participating!

An.U.mailart said...

Thanks a lot for your answer! And as I said some time ago, please send me the Zine registered/insured. I'm afraid of not receiving it second time...

TICTAC said...

don't worry Anete, i made a note of it after you told me. cheers!