FROM: Cheryl Penn  - South Africa

another fantastic volume of  Cheryl's Mail Art Makes The World A Town in its 7th edition.
with a striking cover with Cheryl's trademark style and a very interesting selection of original works from international artists.
Many thanks Cheryl!


Cheryl Penn said...

A MAMMOTH posting task - thank you! Your beautiful VISPO pages arrived and I am mailing new pages for Zine in a Box 3 today - I would HATE to miss out on even ONE of those beauties. Cant wait for mine to arrive. XXX

TICTAC said...

thank you Cheryl for all your fab participations to the Zine in a Box! this VISPO chapter of your Mail Art Makes the World a Town was another powerful volume! editing quality involves a lot of work/effort but great contributions like these ones make it all worthed! Thank you!

Cheryl Penn said...

Changed my mind - making new pages :-) - I decided mine are not good enough for the effort you go to X