FROM: Roland Halbritter - Germany


the star piece of the puzzle. hope the previous one arrives too, as orders of arrival have been alterated
recently at the post office.
Many thanks Roland!


Roland Halbritter said...

did you have to pay extra due for it, just becAUSE THE POST OFFICE ARE NOT ABLE TO FIND THE RIGHT POSTage stamp on the evelope? incredible !!! o.k. 3 cents are missing, but why 54 cents?

TICTAC said...

0,51 cent is the collection fee for an insufficiently franked letter + the 3 cents missing. incredible indeed. it was going to be destroyed as it had no return address. i had no idea who sent it either. and through the transparent window nothing was showing for me to understand what was about. the inside was stuck on the covered side of the letter.
but if you think that this post office have sent back envelopes that had my name written slightly different, until i was requested, after my many protests, to give a list for their computer
pc(tictac), TICTAC, Ptrzia Tictac, one they got wrong: tic tak, plus my own real name.
now every time the post office sends some kind of official notification out to the po box users i get 5 different envelopes addressed to each name...!