SENT TO: Wilma Duguay - Canada




Wilma Duguay said...

Hi Tictac,
Your package of beautiful stamps and artistamps was a pleasure to open!!! Many thanks. Your envelope is also beautiful mailart. I have kept all the ones you're sent me and I have special plastic pages for all the beautiful German stamps you've sent me. So now, I collect German stamps along with Canadian ones. It's fun to exchange stamps with you!!!

Cheers, Wilma

TICTAC said...

Salut Wilma...a heartfelt
thank-you! You do spoil your friends...and I am glad to be one of them!
Canadian stamps are extremely well made and absolutly contemporary, I enjoy our exchanges very much. Even though I struggle a bit to keep up since German stamps are more traditional..but after the scented one there is hope! lol!